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151The Profile of Effective ManagerДипломАнглийский48386
152The rules of logisticsДипломМаркетинг10577
153The socialist workers party 1951-1979ДипломАнглийский28855
154The use of communicative approaches in teaching English in elementary schoolДипломАнглийский43229
155The use of the linguacultural texts in teaching undergraduate degreesДипломАнглийский24241
156The use of Total Physical Response techniques in teaching English language schoolДипломПедагогика16618
157Tragic heroes in modern English literatureДипломАнглийский24047
158Translation peculiarities of business styleДипломАнглийский7890
159Une approche contextuelle de l’analyse de "on"ДипломАнглийский39377
160Using anecdotes in English language classroomДипломАнглийский44661