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71The History of UNДругоеАнглийский32081
72The house of my dreamДругоеАнглийский20406
73The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia ДругоеЛитература13734
74The manager as a teacher: selected aspects of stimulation of scientific thinking ДругоеФинансы, деньги, кредит28606
75The system of accommodation in PermДругоеАнглийский12952
76Transitional Success: USSR to EU ДругоеФинансы, деньги, кредит5453
77Translation of English and Ukrainian idiomatic and stable expressions concerning the subject information ДругоеЛитература2337
79yell.ru («Желтые страницы») ДругоеФинансы, деньги, кредит18156
80Youthful criminality in the USA ДругоеАнглийский44864