Designing a website for a new company "Grand Record" cinema

Table of content

Table of content


Business background

Website functions

Future Industry Developments

Payment system

Internet Security and Legal Concerns




Financial Plan




In our days, time goes very fast, and people like to spend their weekends going to another world, movie world. Today, in Malaysia population consist of 24,425,000 people, all of them every weekend people stand in line for a cinema ticket but, since business to consumer e-Commerce on the Internet is an area of rapid development, the line become decrease. Today, in Malaysia, the most famous in cinema industry it is Golden Screen Cinema and it wishes to use e-commerce as a sales and promotional medium.

In this assignment, authors create own Cinema "Grand Record" and according to the Golden Screen Cinema authors design a website with electronic commerce enabled functions that is to be the main thrust of a business plan. And also authors try to explain:

The implications of E-Commerce approaches for Business Strategies.

Explain the ethical issues and legal implications of E-Commerce solutions.

Security issues from a business.

Discuss areas in which standards are emerging.

Business background

Grand Record (G. R) is the biggest cinema industry in Malaysia which has above 20 screen cinemas in a Pavilion shopping with the 3000 seats and another 50 screen in other Megamall in Malaysia.

Rely on grand Record Online facilities as a Web site; it has a Clear and Impressive design which described below in this work, many functions such as e-payment options via Internet, and effective Internet Security.

Grand record plans to build a strong Marketing position in the Cinema Industry. Their partner wills the biggest Banks in Malaysia such as Maybank and CIMB which represent sales, and finance areas respectively, these banks will allowed all types of visa card which help in e-payment options and Increase Company’s revenue. The partners will provide funding from their own savings, which will cover start up expenses and provide a financial cushion for the first few months of operation.

In a Service area Grand Record will provide their customers:

Grand Cinema-cafe




Moreover, Grand Records will produce fast online service.

Website design


Main Page “About” Page


“Today” Page “Tomorrow" Page


“Contacts" Page


(All pages in real size are attached in Appendix)

Website functions

Website of Grand Record cinema is based on Golden Screen Cinema website ( my <#"1.files/image001.jpg">   



As a trademark for Grand Records are presented Grand Cinema-cafe, Grand-meal, GrandH20, and Grand-cd. All these could not be repeated by other companies.


Grand records has patented the special users card, with microchip which gives an opportunity to holder to have some advantages, for instance to have free shows, to be served in faster or to get discounts in all Grand Records branches, inclusively GR-cafe, and for production of Grand-cd. Crime

A computer crime in Grand Records business is an unauthorized access to the accounts information of customers. They rather include the manipulation of confidential data and critical information. Сomputer crimes involve activities of software theft, wherein the privacy of the users is hampered. These criminal activities involve the breach of human and information privacy, as also the theft and illegal alteration of system critical information. The different types of computer crimes have necessitated the introduction and use of newer and more effective security measures.

For protecting from hackers, who would like to get log ins of users, their passwords and bank account information given for e-payment options, Grand Records uses the security software, and periodically changes the method of encoding and decoding information between partners and customers.


GR web site developers are strictly working on improving the level of security, and increase trust of customers to the site, and transaction making. GR is glad to inform that information given to the site is private and no one has access to them.

Software help to protect the site from hackers and crackers and any case of unauthorized or illegal access can be noticed and problems solved. GR uses a special automatizaed notification service for customers which will inform users about any “unusual” transactions by email, and for more security they automatically block User account, and just after confirmation letter from customer, it should be open for use.

Financial Plan

Financial Plan is a critical for any business. The first step in running a successful business is to develop a sound business plan and strategy.

A large marketing budget would not necessary as the focus would be on offering promotions such as half price tickets during the day and/or two for the price of one deals can be offered in conjunction with various local business/newspapers reducing marketing costs substantially. As the Grand Record cinema experience is unique, and marketed as an indulgence, it is suggested that many local businesses would be willing to be involved in such promotional activities.

While actual advertising costs will be low, printing and distribution costs will still need to be considered. In Appendix (Table 1, Table 2) shows Summary for Web Site and Profit and Loss table. Grand Record`s Projected Profit & Loss shows in a first and second table a net loss in the 1st year not only due to consultancy, set up and development fees in the website, and also promotional Company expenses and advertising cost. According to this Financial Plan, Grand Record has built strong, stable income and will be the most successful company in Cinema industry.


The cinema industry as a whole is facing challenges from many sides. The larger cinemas are better placed to meet the challenges of a quickly changing marketplace. Unfortunately, the losers in this consolidation of the marketplace and the emerging challenges to the cinema have been the small, family run cinemas.

Taking a broader view of the market in which cinemas compete, the market would be the entertainment market generally. People have a limited amount of disposable income and a limited amount of time which can be spent on entertainment. As such, cinemas are also competing with bars, sporting events, home cinemas, travel and restaurants. It is submitted that Grand Record cinemas would be a strong competitor in the general entertainment market at a niche level.

The intention would be to choose high headline price points but at the same time offer promotional offers which would ensure that most customers never pay the full rate. The media and promotion strategy would focus on teaming up with local businesses and newspapers to offer special promotional packages (for example, the local florist could offer a two for one deal with each bunch of roses sold)

As noted above, it is the prospective owners' view that cinemas can no longer focus on the narrow definition of the market. Some guidance can be taken from the multiplexes which offer patrons an experience. Often these cinemas are attached to shopping centers and as such going to the cinema is simply part of a person’s shopping day. Multiplexes, like the shopping centers to which they are appended, rely on the principle that if something is large and loud, no one will dare to think that it is anything but the best and it must be said that they do this well. Teenagers are particularly impressed by this logic.

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Second page - ABOUTэ

Third page - TODAY

Fourth page - TOMORROW

Fifth page - CONTACTS


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