Qentin Tarantino: enfant terrible of contemporary cinema

Qentin tarantino: enfant terrible of contemporary cinema


is an emblem of postmodernism late XX century. He made extensive quotes and created associative links to other industry standard movies of modern cinema. Tarantino movies based on his favorite movies, which were filmed before him, but he built it into an absolute new phenomenon.degree of "realism" in his works are minimized, and the actual movie, as a constructor, made up of hundreds of pieces from other films - with individual replicas completed images and entire fragments, those movies that are liked or remembered by Tarantino, a former staff member of video rental store.10 years, I am a devoted admirer of Quentin Tarantino, instantly fell in love with each of his movies, the music from which has long been occupied individual honorable place in my play list.

Movie maniac, psycho, comedian, innovator, genius - who is he? Tarantino in the film industry, the figure is special because each of his films leaves no one indifferent, no colleagues, no critics, and no ordinary film fans.

In my work on the subject "fashion music & cinema" I want to write about this talented movie director, make research on the topic of his contribution to the movie industry and share with you my points of view about his creative work.trademark style is black humor and liters of blood, provocative dialogue and a surprising number of swearing, allusions and unpredictable movie plot. In my opinion, to evaluate unusual unique style of Tarantino's movies is compulsory for every self-respecting connoisseur of cinema.time, I was fortunate to see his film when I was 13 years old. It was done in a huge secret from my parents and of course it was a "Pulp Fiction". What then I felt? Despite the large amount of scenes of violence, blood, swearing. I remember the most the sparkling sense of humor by this movie maker! I was struck on the spot, and forever in love with Tarantino cinematic genre!


order to understand better the Tarantino's work, first I would like to talk about his biography and the key moments in his career, that contributed to him becoming a great movie director with his unique unusual outlook on life.

Childhood and youth

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee. His parents - musician Tony Tarantino and nurse Connie McHugh - were divorced before the birth of their son. Their ancestors were immigrants from Europe, so in Tarantino veins flows Irish and Italian blood, and the blood of the Cherokee Indian tribe. I think this burning mix of different bloodlines is one of the reasons why Quentin became so extraordinary person.childhood, Quentin was fascinated by cinema in a lot of his spare time watching TV, and often went to the cinema. Tarantino often mentioned in his interview that he hated school. Therefore, in 15 years he quits school. He started working as a ticket collector in the porno cinema, and in the evenings he attended acting lessons by James Best's.22, Tarantino got a job at video rental store 'video archive', which, according to the director, was the best work he has ever had. There he became acquainted with Roger Avary, with whom all day long watched movies and after discussed them. Exactly in this place were formed the style and tastes of Tarantino and there he realized that he had to make movies.

Early career

In his early career, Tarantino was writing the script. And the first time, he could not sell at least one of them. But after some time he was lucky. One of his scenarios bought Tony Scott and creates the movie 'True Love'. Then another script was bought by Oliver Stone, by which he created the movie 'Natural Born Killers'.did not have much money, but he decided to create a feature film, black-and-white and 16-millimeter camera. Luck smiled again to Tarantino: famous actor Harvey Keitel became interested in the script and persuaded the production company 'Live Entertainment' to finance the project.1992 was created the movie 'Reservoir Dogs". Script for this movie Quentin Tarantino wrote in just three weeks. This movie won an award in Toronto as' Best Film of the Year.' Film earned a decent amount of money and has received positive reviews from critics. It was a real success. Than the 29-year-old worker of video rental store quickly became a famous movie director.

Worldwide popularity

Quentin Tarantino's global fame has brought for him one of the most brilliant movies "Pulp Fiction". Initially, the movie director had the idea to create three small stories with the same heroes which will be free to move between stories. One of these stories - the story about a boxer - invented by Roger Avary.this movie Tarantino has the fame as director who is able to successfully resuscitate actors, glory of which almost extinguished.John Travolta is the best example. To the role in this movie was widely considered that Travolta's the finest hour has long passed, but this film proved the opposite, and eventually he played one of his best roles. The same concerns the other actors involved in this movie. For example Bruce Willis proved that he can play not only in action movies, as well Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson have become the most popular and high demand actors in Hollywood. And it's not the whole list of actors who Tarantino brought back to the acting world. Pam Grier, Robert Forster, Michael Madsen, David Carradine - all they have to be glad that Quentin gave to them next career resurgence. 'Pulp Fiction' blew the Cannes Film Festival. Witty dialogues, references to pop culture, borrowing from second-rate and unknown movies, the scenes were shown in not chronological order - it was so unusual, so fresh, and it looked so harmoniously that the audience was delighted. Jury awarded the movie with the main prize - 'Palme d'Or'. So Tarantino became a director, which has brought a breath of fresh air in cinematography.

After the release of the movie Tarantino has attracted worldwide attention, after which his screenplay became even more in demand, and then he was invited to act in supporting roles. This gall-looking young man with a duck nose, deep-set eyes and a few prominent chin, of course, will not cause the viewer the same feelings that another handsome actor from Hollywood, such as Brad Pitt or someone else of the same plan. His face is not rich with positive emotions. Quentin Tarantino in his own movies and movies of his friends, plays, usually unpleasant characters, psychopaths and rambunctious guys, like the younger brother Gecko in a horror movie by Robert Rodriguez 'From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). Nevertheless on the screen Quentin Tarantino looks like is natural enough, though, of course, movies with his participation - primarily an exercise in genre cinema.significant year career directors began in 2003, when on the screens out first part of film Kill Bill. This stylized, bloody thriller movie became a cult and had a huge impact not only on cinematograph but also on society as a whole. Anyone who has seen 'Kill Bill', have become interested in spaghetti westerns and martial arts. Became fashionable everything Japanese - from food to samurai codes. The next years Tarantino delighted the audience with several other cool movies, such as "Death Proof", Four Rooms, Sin City, Inglorious Bastards'', Django and others. Any movie that Tarantino creates becomes a cult. The director has a good taste, so to his opinions are listened leading filmmakers and thousands of fans every year waiting for Tarantino make a list best movies of the year. Without a doubt, he is the biggest movie fan alive.


components of the director are five themes.this part of my work I would like to explore why Tarantino movies are so recognizable and not like movies of other directors. Why his name has become a sort of "adjective" in the cinema. And already there exists a definition in the movie industry as "Tarantino cinematic genre."


For me, as a fan of Tarantino work, music in the movies is one of its most important components. that Tarantino - famous fan of good music in each of his film reveals several forgotten masterpieces. There is even a semi-official term - "music in the style of Tarantino's movies." But the trick is that the musical taste of the director - is sheer eclecticism!

Therefore soundtracks to his movies have long gone beyond simple soundtrack and became the hits.understanding Tarantino, all the best music on earth a long time ago invented, you just have to know where to get it. So the music for his movies never created specially. Most of all his soundtracks remind collections that make up the music lovers in industrial quantities and hand out to friends.his career, he returned to the musical life of such priceless treasures, Bang-Bang by Nancy Sinatra ("Kill Bill"), Down in Mexico by The Coasters or Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill (Pulp Fiction). By the way, after this movie Uma Thurman, who played the role of fatal drug addict Mia in "Pulp Fiction", has become a style icon.

Eastern Influence

A huge impact of eastern cinema on Quentin Tarantino creations has never been a secret to anyone. For his film debut "Reservoir Dogs" Tarantino borrowed the plot of the movie "City on Fire" Ringo Lam, the aesthetics of "Grindhouse" is similar to the classics of Hong Kong, well. However a full explanation in the love of Asian cinema and Eastern world view, Tarantino depicted in two series of "Kill Bill", where there was a fitting place for Shaolin monk owning secret combat techniques, and Japanese samurai code, and even bright yellow suit of Bruce Lee "Game of Death."


Tarantino has absorbed the spirit of true American and it is evident in each of his movies. He is the embodiment of the American cult in all its manifestations. "junk food" - true Tarantino`s credo, Elvis and his twins, night cinema non-stop, breakfasts in roadside cafes, stretched shirts with funny prints - all of this an invaluable stuff are basis Tarantino worldview.


Talking about trademark of Tarantino movies, this is dialogue. Their wit is based on the contrast between the strict observance of the rules of morality and formal logic and general absurdity of the situations. Most of his movies begin with chatter. For example the movie "Reservoir Dogs" began with a lengthy conversation between gangsters about the true meaning of Madonna's Like a Virgin. Or excellent 20 minute monologue brilliantly played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest Tarantino movie "Django", obvious example.the most surprising is that the dialogues in his movies can last for 30 minutes and they are still fun to watch.is a vivid example of the film "Pulp Fiction," Travolta and Jackson go to a cafe and their dialogue carries no information, moreover, as far as this dialogue stylistically verified, and shows the individual image of two men who are interested in things not related to their core business and action in the film. Nevertheless, this all very clearly shows us the real character of these bandits.a result of this dialogue, all subsequent actions are beginning to take a definite sense that the director was trying to convey. It looks very convincing, and not standard. The same are written dialogues in almost all his movies. For example in the movie Kill Bill, you can see the same method. Tarantino is a master of associations and allegories. He's a great play writer; he is able to skillfully handle the context and characters.`s movie - you cannot know what is the name of it, start watching from the middle but after ten minutes of watching - immediately begin to understand that this is a very familiar style and in 30 minutes you know already that this is Tarantino. Generally the ability to write interesting and clear dialogues is an extremely difficult art in cinema. It is quite different from the drama.is necessary to note that Tarantino is not the only one director who is famous for the dialogues in movies. There for it is also worth to note that the great dramaturgy you can see in movies by Coen brothers. Excellent dialogues in the movie "25th Hour" by Spike Lee - a dialogue about frail world is staggering and lasts about ten minutes. "The Big Lebowski" by Coen brothers and "Fisher King" by Terry Gilliamas also excellent surprising with interesting dialogues. These movies are filled with lots of dialogues, based on them, and all the action takes place around these dialogues.

Humor and violence

Continue the traditions of troublemakers of 50s, who grew up in soil abundantly flavored with a home video, «MTV» channel and reality shows, Tarantino brought into movies postmodern irony, coupled with sophisticated aesthetics of violence.to the director`s opinion, who loves to effectively kill characters in his movies in the toilet and joke about the Holocaust and racism, the shock - it's our way. If you see lots of blood in the movie and at the same you're funny to tears - so it's Tarantino movies. While cruel moments in his movies, are not so much shocking as make you laugh. Therefore all the murders happen in his movies so unexpected that the audience has no time to be scared.scenes are accompanied by unusual or incendiary music, and wonderful dialogue. Thanks to that does not seem as brutal as funny. Tarantino is a perfect example of exquisite black humor.the same time the violence in Tarantino movies are not for the sake of violence. According to the director, it necessary to perceive as an artistic feature, as, for example, jokes in a comedy or songs in the musical, but not a guide to action.


It's no secret that Tarantino has influenced the work of many filmmakers and has a lot of followers. However, in the same way other directors have influenced him. Rohmer, Paul Mazursky, Brian De Palma, Martin Scorsese, Sergio Leone and Howard Hawks, all these directors directly and implicitly influence the future Tarantino style movies.is also known as the most talented thief in the movie industry. Oscar Wilde once said, good writers borrow, great - they steal. Very few of filmmakers did this sense of their career as consistently as Tarantino. For example, his first serious movie "Reservoir Dogs," made him a star of indie cinema - actually retelling of the movie "City on Fire" of Hong Kong director Ringo Lam. The original movie - much more meaningful and traditional history, but all the key moments of "Reservoir Dogs" were taken from here. one of the most famous scenes from the movie "Pulp Fiction" (the overdose and an injection of adrenaline in the heart) is a detailed adaptation of the story that tells the hero Martin Scorsese's documentary "American Boy" by Stephen Prince. It should be noted that Tarantino is a great admirer of movies Scorsese, and the director pointed out more than once that his films he is obliged to Scorsese.fact, Tarantino is still standing behind the counter of video rental store, and creates his own movie of fragments from his favorite films. some ways this is the case of cinema mania Freud: each future director dreams that his favorite movies were created by him. It seems that Tarantino just stopped at this stage of his mania, and thus managed to invent his unique cinema style.


tarantino movies actor

Quentin Tarantino's movies are a game in the sense of the word, which is understood by children. It is a world in which all "for fun", but that is why its creators and inhabitants refer to it with the utmost seriousness. Everything has to be "real" weapon, blood, betrayal, life and death.combination of conventionality and severity captivates the viewer so much that it is impossible not to watch the movie to the end and remain indifferent to the works of Tarantino.


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